Monday, November 15, 2010


This is a post about something I want to do - something I need to do - something I am day dreaming about in my head, during naptime, but haven't actually done yet. I want to make my son an exquisitely simply set of blocks. In the process, I want and need to make my foray into adult get to know sandpaper and the lumber yard and to make a move on any number of saws my husband has been keeping to himself for an awfully long time.

I have lots of creative wants and yearning these days. I picked up Popular Woodworking at the doctor's office and was inspired and scared - a mixture of "this is too complicated for me" and "damn, I want to do this" flooded my brain. That's why I must start with blocks for my guys. I've also had it with all the toys in our house which buzz, sing and blurt. We need some quiet, simple, building toys, ASAP.....

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